Dear Mom, This morning was SO good. It felt like a glimmer of the sweet spot of parenting. A moment I want to freeze and hold onto forever, and yet a glimpse into my future as L and E grow into independent adults. It seems there comes a moment when parents realize their kids are… Continue reading Glimmer


I’m learning to be more aware of synchronicities in my life and hold onto the awareness as it sometimes helps me see more clearly the how and why of things that are happening in my life. This weekend feels like one of those moments and the synchronicity of it did not occur to me until… Continue reading Emotions

Like waves crashing on the shore, life carries on but grief never washes away

I took this photo during what would be my last visit with my mom in the nursing home before receiving ‘the call’ 2 months later. It was also my first visit with her after 2 years due to living abroad and then Covid. She recognized and smiled at me, which was the biggest gift, but… Continue reading Like waves crashing on the shore, life carries on but grief never washes away


Dear Mom, How did you learn that my friend died in the early years of elementary school? Did her Mom call you? When you realized her funeral was the same day as school picture day, did you instantly know you would let me choose which to attend? I try to think of this situation now… Continue reading Funeral

16 Years Later

Dear Mom, How long did you sit by the phone before deciding to call me for help back in 2007? Sitting here now, 16 years later, I can only imagine the courage it took for you to make that call. Dad was working night shift; brother was working otherwise inaccessible with his young child. I… Continue reading 16 Years Later