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I’m entering this beautiful phase of life that I once feared.

The phase where I’m supposedly labeled as old, my kids don’t need me as much in the physical sense, but boy do they need me in the emotional and mental sense.

Parenting is more challenging, yet the mom groups have all disappeared, as parenting styles and challenges seem to divide us more than unite.

The phase where marriage gets difficult in the most beautiful way. You must recommit to dating and discovering each other because we continue to grow and change as we age too.

The age where perspective on what matters has greatly shifted from 20 years ago.

The age where we become clearer on what we want, want we believe, and what we’re worth.

I have a great perspective on life to share and I’m going to share it here!

I was raised in a small town in a single house until I left for college at 18 and have now lived in 3 countries and 5 states.

I’m more in love than ever with my husband of 17 years who I’ve been dating since 1999.

I believe kids shouldn’t be on social media until the are 18.

Parenting is HARD and I so often feel like I don’t have the right answer. I’m often sad I can’t ask my Mom for advice, yet also realize we live in a totally different world now anyways, so my husband and I work together to navigate this as best we know.

I grew up in a Christian church and now have a lot of questions and concerns keeping me out of church, and I’ve since learned that means I’m deconstructing.

I love learning – about other cultures, about myself, personal development, spirituality, my neighbors, my friends, business, travel, about products that make life easier, and about routines and paths that may be more difficult or challenging, but worth it in the long run.

From this moment forward, all of this will be a part of this blog, as well as what I share in my newsletter.

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