Pumpkin Patch in Northern Virginia – Hollin Farms

My kids are tweens which means family fun days are met with grunts and groans from behind their hoodies, and yet, I absolutely wanted to have a Fall pumpkin patch day now that we’re back living on the East Coast! Since we’ve lived outside of Washington DC before, I recalled Cox farms that both kids went to on Kindergarten field trips. But truthfully was looking for some place less flashy and busy, plus my kids aren’t really into decked out playgrounds and waiting in line for hayrides and corn mazes. That experience is absolutely a must do at least once, and can be fun when kids are little, however as kids get older their definition of fun starts to change.

I saw Hollin Farms mentioned in a facebook group as a great place for a low key pumpkin patch and apple picking with a bonus of apple cider donuts!

Perfect, I thought.

Hollin Farms EXCEEDED all of our expectations!

It was about an hour drive south to Delaplane, Virginia and 100 percent worth our efforts. Hollin Farms is a pick-your-own, family run operation that has fruits, vegetables, & flowers for picking from May to October!

When we arrived, according to the GPS, I thought we might be the only visitors at 10am, until I followed the signs for about another mile or so and was directed to park.

Alas we were not alone at the farm! The crowd was just right – enough to feel like a special event, but no waiting in long lines and we really felt like we were just hanging out on a farm!

We decided to start with apple picking which is in two locations. There were many varieties to choose from and there was even a section not yet ripe enough to pick, which tells me you’ll still be able to pick apples there for a while!

For tweens who are no longer into the overhype of holidays this was just perfect. Their sleepy grumbles turned into smiles as they both took over the apple picking. Smiles turned into excitement to head back down the hill and pick out a pumpkin!

There was a variety of pumpkin shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from, plus gourds and more. They have some carts to help get your pumpkins to the scale for weight and payment, however if you have one from home, I highly suggest bringing it. If you have tweens, just have them carry their own pumpkins, ha!

After loading our pumpkins and apples into the car, we came back for apple cider donuts and couldn’t resist buying some honey and apple butter. Hollin Farms has many homemade products for sale, as they grow and produce several varieties of food.

The tweens decided they wanted to also pick, or rather dig for, potatoes and peanuts too. That was new for all of us and sounded exciting! They also had a large variety of winter greens and sunflowers available to pick! I’d imagine digging for potatoes and peanuts may be a bit more challenging for very young kids, although who doesn’t love to dig in the dirt!? I definitely think this activity was perfectly suited for upper elementary and up. My two kids raved about how fun it was to just roam around a farm and do something new!

My favorite feature about the farm was their laid back approach yet great customer service. It wasn’t quite the honor system you so often see in Europe, but rather I felt very welcomed as a guest to enjoy and roam, find what I want to pick, and come pay when I’m ready.

Sometimes pumpkin patches can feel more like an ATM machine than an experience, where you’re just pushed through lines with tantalizing features begging your toddlers to participate, each one demanding more $$ than the last.

Not at Hollin Farms. The entire day felt like what a pumpkin patch experience should be. A true farm visit where you pick a pumpkin, and guess what kids – there are also other fruits & veggies that grow this time of year too, let’s go harvesting! It was the perfect balance of farm and fun!

I already know we’ll be back next year, and perhaps in the Spring too!

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