To wake before the the kids or to not.

To wake up before your kids or to not.

On Instagram this week I saw a friend talking about how it helps her to center herself for the day, meditate, exercise, journal, you pick what fits for you. The very next day I saw a popular social media account humorously saying the opposite. Both lines of thinking are filled with comments in support of the idea and the sort of ‘me too’ and I fit into this category too comradery. As I found myself agreeing with both, it really got me thinking. First, both can be true depending on personality, and often it depends on our season.

I’ve absolutely been that mom of babies who would laugh at the idea of attempting to wake earlier (EARLIER??) because let’s be honest, the kids would just magically wake up earlier too and all is lost. I recall many times putting on a movie at 4 or 5am just so I didn’t have to talk to them. And then somewhere along the path of parenting there was a shift. Most notably, when we got dogs again who act like a baby or toddler when it comes to waking but I digress. I’ve found myself waking earlier than the kids and enjoying that cup of coffee, quiet, or meditation that centers me before the inevitable frenzy that comes with kids in the morning before school. Sometimes, I find myself sleeping until they wake, but I’ve noticed I’m often groggier and madder because kids come with a mouth that never stops and require your brain to function from the moment their feet hit the ground. As babies its for the necessities, and then I’m finding as tweens it’s all about the feelings and fairness, and let’s talk with a dose of, “Mom, did you know that…”.

If I’ve experienced different seasons where waking up early was absolutely out of the question, and other seasons where it’s downright necessary, I gather it’s likely that others have to. One is not good and the other bad no more than one parenting, or feeding method is good versus bad. Perhaps social media is to blame for the whole notion of good versus bad.

So, if you’re the mom who cannot imagine waking before your children because sleep, yeah that’s the reason – sleep – I see you!

If you’re the mom who needs 30 minutes of quiet blessed coffee to wake up your brain before the troops come charging – I see you!

If you’re the mom whose seasons change and has experienced both – I see you!

If you’re the mom who sits firmly on one side or the other for the entire 18 years of child rearing and beyond – I see you!  

The self-awareness of knowing what works for you is a superpower and means you are parenting as you should!

As for me, you’ll find me every morning sitting in the dark sipping coffee before my tweens wake. Most of the time, not doing anything at all but simply sitting in the glorious silence.

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