Garmisch, Germany

The journey

My active duty Army husband spent nearly 2 months in Garmisch, Germany for training so I look advantage and flew over for a quick 5 day adventure. We currently live near Washington DC so you might expect an easy and direct flight to Garmisch, but alas in trying to make this trip low cost, I ended up with a 24 hour journey including a 10 hour layover in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was actually excited about this! I’ve been to Copenhagen before, but never without kids! See, most of our time in Europe has been with kids, when the US Military stationed us overseas. So instead of sitting at the airport waiting, I stepping out, caught the metro, and had a wonderful day!

Then I had just a short flight from Copenhagen to Munich, Germany where I had already reserved a rental car to drive the one and a half hours to Garmisch. My experience picking up my car rental was actually quite unpleasant, but we’ll leave the story out of the details here for now! I’d driven in Germany before, however Munich is a much bigger city than I was used to so I was quite nervous! Thankfully, the drive proved to be quite uneventful, except for some extra nerves navigating after dark. My husband had a work related dinner, so I was able to get into the hotel, shower, and settle in for the evening before he got back.

Exploring on my own part 1

The next day I did some walking that was suggested while he finished up the last half day of class. Most photos I’ve seen of Garmisch are from winter so I wasn’t sure how beautiful it would be in late Summer. Y’all, it is absolutely breathtaking. I walked along mostly flat trails in a field where lots of people were walking their dogs, jogging, biking, or preparing to hike up the mountains, while paragliders floated down to land in field all around us. I couldn’t get over how quiet and peaceful it was. I accidentely captured the most magical video of one on my IG, be sure to check it out!

After hitting 10,000 steps before 11am, I walked to the class graduation, we grabbed lunch, then hit the road towards Innsbruck, Austria. You can read more about our weekend in Austria here.


After an incredible weekend in Austria, we came back to Garmisch early on Sunday to take another gondola up a mountain, however this time would be even higher and in a single ride! In fact Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany! The Zugspitze gondola began in the circle area way in the distance of this photo we took at the top.

If you plan to ride the Zugspitze Gondola, I suggest purchasing tickets in advance, although your tickets are not for a designated time. I also suggest arriving early, just before lunch time so you can grab food at the top if you wish. When we were leaving in the early afternoon, there was a line of traffic just waiting to park.

While eating lunch, we saw a plane fly by just barely higher than we were, likely at around 10,000ft. I’ll be honest, when we first stepped off the gondola I felt super uneasy because the entire structure seems to be just hanging off the side of the mountain. The more we walked around, the more comfortable I felt. On the otherside, you can see the slopes where you can ski and made me feel like the ground was maybe not SO far away, ha! What’s really cool is you can cross the border into Austria at 9,000ft in the air, so technically we went to Austria twice! And yes, as you can see on the right photo below, there are opportunities to hike even all the way up here!

After we came back down the mountain, Chris wanted to cold plunge in a nearby river like he had been all Summer, I opted to submerge my feet. I can’t get over how clear the water was!

Then we had dinner with the most magnificent view! I mean really almost everywhere you go in Garmisch has incredible views! But really, imagine just looking at this while dining outside in the Summer.

Exploring on my own part 2

My last day in Garmisch I was by myself without much of a plan as my husband was starting up in another course. I decided to go grab a coffee somewhere in the old town and just see where the day led me. Similar to Innsbruck, I was just blown away by the breathtaking mountain views just behind the line of quintessential Germany buildings.

After coffee I decided to wonder a bit looking for some more great photo opportunities when I heard bells. Bells either mean sheep or cows, and I was determined to find out which! Well I hit the jackpot walking into some sort of celebration. Many were dressed in some form of traditional German attire, many were drinking beer (at 9:30am mind you) and one by one people ran up to collect their sheep when their name was called. It was quite a site and I’m so glad I wondered well past the main street of old town!

After people watching for a few minutes, I decided it was time to find a local mall to get a couple of items I was looking for specifically in Germany. Soon I noticed I started to get shaky – the croissant breakfast was not sufficient when I’m used to eating much more protein, so I quickly dipped into a grocery store for something I could eat quickly and landed on a high protein yogurt, but of course couldn’t find a single spoon. So I began the walk back to my car and squeezing my yogurt cup and slurping it like a child, what sight! I’m nothing if not adaptable to my situation! I must have looked very comfortable, because I was soon asked for directions by a sweet older lady in German, once we switched to English I was actually able to help her. Odd!

Garmisch, Germany is such a charming little town that I hope to visit again someday! It’s just an hour and half south of Munich, and an hour and a half from Innsbruck, Austria – most all accessible by car, bus, or train.

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